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David Peeler

David Peeler

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PO Box 999
Richland, WA 99352


Dr. David Peeler originally joined PNNL in 1993. He served as project lead for the Plutonium Immobilization Program, studied the effects of amorphous phase separation and crystallization on the durability of high-level waste glasses, and developed various composition-property relationships for multi-component borosilicate glass systems. In 1995, Dr. Peeler joined Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL). During his 20 years at SRNL, he served as an advisory engineer in the Environmental Management Directorate and as the technical lead for Glass Science Research Programs.

In 2015, Dr. Peeler rejoined PNNL as chief scientist in the Energy and Environment Directorate’s Nuclear Sciences Division and Deputy Sector Manager for Environmental Management Waste Processing. Dr. Peeler’s primary field of research focuses on glass formulation development and developing alternative processing strategies to improve waste loading, melt rate, and waste throughput for the Defense Waste Processing Facility in Aiken, South Carolina, and for the Hanford Tank Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant near Richland, Washington.

Dr. Peeler serves on the External Advisory Board for Clemson University's Material Science and Engineering Department and is an adjunct professor at Clemson. He is a Fellow of the American Ceramic Society (ACerS) and has served as chair for the Nuclear and Environmental Technology Division, chair of the John Jeppson Award Committee, chair of the ACerS Awards Committee, chair of the Edward Orton Jr. Award Committee, and chair of the Robert C. Coble Award Committee He has also served on the ACerS President's Strategic Planning and Emerging Opportunities Committee and is a member of the International Congress on Glass's Nuclear and Hazardous Waste Vitrification Technical Committee.

He is co-editor of two volumes of the “Environmental Issues and Waste Management Technologies in the Ceramic and Nuclear Industries” in the Ceramic Transaction series. Dr. Peeler has more than 100 external or peer reviewed technical publications and more than 300 internal technical reports, and has issued three patent disclosures with one international patent awarded.

Education and Credentials

  • B.S. in ceramic engineering from Clemson University
  • M.S. in ceramic engineering from Alfred University
  • Ph.D. in ceramic engineering from Clemson University

PNNL Publications


  • Weaver J.L., C.I. Pearce, R. Sjoblom, J.S. McCloy, M.D. Miller, T. Varga, and B.W. Arey, et al. 2018. "Pre-Viking Swedish Hillfort Glass: A Prospective Long-Term Alteration Analogue for Vitrified Nuclear Waste." International Journal of Applied Glass Science 9, no. 4:540-544. PNNL-26864. doi:10.1111/ijag.12351


  • Sjoblom R., J.L. Weaver, D.K. Peeler, J.S. Mccloy, A.A. Kruger, E. Ogenhall, and E. Hjarthner-Jolder. 2016. "Vitrified hillforts as anthropogenic analogues for nuclear waste glasses - project planning and initiation." International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning 11, no. 6:897-906. PNNL-SA-118241. doi:10.2495/SDP-V11-N6-897-906





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  • Vienna J.D., T.J. Plaisted, R.L. Plaisted, J.V. Crum, D.K. Peeler, and I.A. Reamer. 2000. "Glass Formulation for Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory Zirconia High-Activity Waste." In Environmental Issues and Waste Mangement Technologies in the Ceramic and Nuclear Industries V, Ceramic Transactions, 107, 451-459. Westerville, Ohio:American Ceramic Society. PNNL-SA-31726.


  • Riley B.J., J.D. Vienna, M.J. Schweiger, D.K. Peeler, and I.A. Reamer. 1999. "Liquidus Temperature Of Rare Earth-Aluminoborosilicate Glasses For Treatment Of Americium And Curium." In Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XXIII. (Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings vol. 608), 23, 677-682. Warrendale, Pennsylvania:Materials Research Society. PNNL-SA-32376.

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