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Policy Support to DOE, National Transportation Program (NTP), 1993-2002

PNNL provided policy support, meeting facilitation, planning and program evaluation support related to transportation of radioactive shipments by the U.S. Department of Energy. In particular, PNNL

  • Assisted in facilitating the interactions of DOE staff from various programs with members of the Transportation External Coordination Working Group, which is composed of representatives of professional groups and members of state, tribal and local governments with responsibilities for transportation safety
  • Completed a report, Financial Assistance to States and Tribes to Support Emergency Management and the Safe Transportation of Hazardopus Shipments: Fiscal Year 2000. The report is the sixth is a series that summarizes federal programs proving transportation-related assistance to states and tribes and presents data showing sources, amounts and recipients of related federal funding. The data, which are assembled into an electronic database, are used by the client as a planning resource and are publicly available on DOE's web page. The hard-copy reports are published and distributed widely to DOE program managers as well as to federal agencies and state and tribal contacts.

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