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Development of Tolerable Risk Criteria for PEMEX Gas Y Petroquimica Basica

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As part of a project to develop a method for PEMEX Gas Y Petroquimica Basica (PGPB) to measure risk in their pipelines, it was necessary to develop tolerable risk criteria to measure the resultant risk and make decisions on risk reduction. This project utilized a workshop with key PGPB management to define revised tolerable risk criteria for PGPB and to develop software to facilitate future updating of the tolerable risk criteria. The purpose of the tolerable risk criteria is to provide a criteria set in terms of economic loss per unit time and per unit length of pipeline (dollars per year per kilometer).

PEMEX (PetrĂ³leos Mexicanos) is the world's fifth-largest oil company. Located in Mexico, its activities include oil exploration, processing, transportation and sale of petroleum and petroleum products throughout Mexico, as well as exporting oil to other countries.

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