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Support the RCRA Facility Investigation Report

The goal of this project was to assist CH2M HILL Hanford Group, Inc. in preparing the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Facility Investigation (RFI) report for the Hanford Site's 200 Area single-shell tank (SST) waste management areas (WMA). Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s (PNNL) work scope included writing sections and appendices for the RFI report and supporting PNNL data package technical reports.

CH2M HILL was responsible for completing a Phase 1 RFI report that integrates the following:
  • Results of data-gathering activities and evaluations for all SST WMAs
  • Results of groundwater monitoring and impact assessments that are based on Hanford Site groundwater models
  • Conclusions and recommendations.

The RFI report is a single document that contains all available information for the 200 Area SST WMAs and is being used to support SST retrieval and closure. The complete report is available at the following URL: PNNL researchers performed several activities stated in the work plans and were uniquely qualified to write relevant parts of the RFI report. As they apply to SST WMAs, PNNL documented the state of knowledge in the following areas: laboratory results, associated science activities, recharge, contaminant release, geology, geochemistry, past and current groundwater flow and contamination.

PNNL produced six of the nine data package technical reports found in the Tier 3 portion URL: of the RFI and numerous appendices and sections as direct input to CH2M HILL's RFI report. PNNL staff also assisted CH2M HILL by providing technical reviews of other appendices and sections of the RFI report. This work and the various documents are ultimately be used to support SST retrieval and closure.

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