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Chornobyl New Safe Confinement

The Object Shelter, constructed over the Chornobyl nuclear power plant that was destroyed by a 1986 accident, is at risk of collapse. The Consortium of Bechtel, Electricité De France, and PNNL, in cooperation with subcontractor КСК, recently completed the conceptual design for a New Safe Confinement (NSC) building to reduce Shelter corrosion, to mitigate the consequences of potential collapse and to enable the safe deconstruction of unstable structures. The arch-shaped NSC will be constructed at a distance from the Shelter to minimize radiation exposure to construction workers and then slid into place over the Shelter. After sliding, cranes and other tools inside the NSC will be remotely operated for deconstruction of the Shelter. The NSC is designed for a 100-year life. Bechtel designed the arch structure and was responsible for project management functions. Electricité De France designed the foundations and designed deconstruction of the Object Shelter unstable elements. PNNL performed safety analyses and environmental impact assessment. КСК (a consortium of КIЕЛ [KIEP], НДIБК [NIISK], and МНТЦ [ISTC]), as a working partner in all aspects of the design and analysis processes, was the Ukrainian licensed engineer for conceptual design. The design is currently being reviewed by Ukrainian regulatory authorities.

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