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  • Ecology


    Increasing energy generation while meeting ecological performance requirements. The Ecology Technical Group consists of experts in aquatic and terrestrial biology, hydraulic and electrical engineering, and environmental policy.

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  • Environmental Assessment

    Environmental Assessment & Engineering

    Providing the science and technology needed to support environmentally sustainable practices, including impact/risk assessments, non-intrusive inspection technologies, and system engineering design.

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  • Hydrology


    Providing the technical basis and computational tools needed to solve complex energy-water challenges, including climate science, flood hazard and risk assessment, geospacial and geophysics analysis, and multi-scale modeling.

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  • Risk and Decision Sciences

    Risk and Decision Sciences

    Providing decision support tools and regulatory infrastructure for nuclear energy, national security, and legacy waste programs.

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  • Subsurface Science & Technology

    Subsurface Science & Technology

    Advancing technologies and providing integrated solutions for complex subsurface systems such as waste management, soil and groundwater contamination, geothermal energy, and carbon sequestration.

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ESSD uses a Science to Solutions approach to solve the nation's most pressing environmental challenges. We conduct applied research at the bench, pilot, and field scale integrated with advanced modeling and simulation in order to provide the technical underpinnings, scientific approaches, and technological advancements to support breakthrough solutions, improve system knowledge, and champion new regulatory protocols that are protective of human health and the environment.

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